This is from the wedding of Julius Lorsch and Rebecka Cahn, special call number DR6-R36. A Hochzeits-Hagada, dated 1911, Fulda.

I like the little photos stapled to the top here. Julius has a very traditional German Yekkish käppchen, and Rebecka looks like she has those over-the-ears buns that were in style in the 1920s.

Julius and Rebecka perhaps had a sentimental attachment to Pesach; they have a Wedding Haggadah, which follows the form of the Pesach Haggadah. I assume it featured at the wedding dinner; it’s full of cute little poems about the couple. Maybe written by their friends or family?

The front reads:

das ist
Seder und Erzählung
von der Verliebung, Vehrlobung und Verheyratung
des ehrengeachteten und frommen
Herrn Dr. Julius Lorsch
und der hochachtbaren, fürnehmen und minneglichen Jungfrau
Fräulein Rebecka Cahn

Here’s one of the poems. I chose this one because it shows us that Becki was also Dr. Cahn.

והיא שעמדה
Das alles hat ihm beigestanden
Hat behrümt ihn gemacht bei allen Bekammten
Man hat ihm viele angetragen
Doch keine wollt ihm recht behagen
Denn seit dem grossen Trennungsschmertz
Besas Rebecka allein sein Hertz.
Er macht eine Eingabe an Dr. Cahn
Führt alle seine Dorzüge an,
Auf die gestüsst, er sich getraut,
Verlangen zu dürfen die Becki aus Braut.
All this served him,
Gave him fame among all his acquaintances.
Many have been suggested to him,
But none would be to his liking,
For since the great pain of separation,
Rebecka alone possessed his heart.
He petitions Dr. Cahn,
lists all his advantages,
leaning on which he dares
to ask for Becki as a bride.

Thanks to Phillip Lipman for translation. You see it isn’t Great Poetry or anything, but it’s Telling The Story of The Couple, like the haggada tells the story of the Jews. Which is cute.

For your edification, here are all the pages. All images, as usual, copyright Jewish Theological Seminary of America, used with permission, click through to see larger versions. Anyone with good German who wants to translate the whole story of the couple is more than welcome to share it with the rest of us!

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