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( Nov. 4th, 2009 09:34 pm)
If you learn Torah at all, you'll know how there are bits of Torah that come up from time to time that just make you grin.

I want to collect up some of those, so as to have a set of sources of Cheerful, Amusing, and Generally Pleasing Torah, and I am soliciting your assistance. When you come across some Pleasing Torah, please tell me about it.

This is because I want to have a learning option in my shul next Simchat Torah as an alternative to hakafot. I had a death in the family over the chaggim,* and became a new member of the Don't Feel Like Dancing club. At present, the club hangs awkwardly around on the
periphery of the dancing; you want to be part of the simchat Torah, but you can't bring yourself to dance. I think learning Pleasing Torah would be an agreeable compromise.

You know how it is - there must be about a squillion bits of Pleasing Torah, and I can remember about three (the crazy mouse sugiya, the mad lady with the tefillin, and the series summation formula for inheritances. And the mishnayot about bringing the omer, I suppose. And the one about און משיבין במרחץ). Not enough to last through two rounds of hakafot, and anyway not everyone has the same tastes as me.

So, Torah-learning types: please send me your Pleasing Torah this year, as and when you come across it. Perhaps with a couple of sentences sharing what you enjoyed about it, but not necessarily. I'll plan to typeset and share in time for the chagim next year.


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