My protege Linda features in the NY Times:

First, the synagogue sought out a female scribe, still a rarity in the Jewish world, in which the traditional understanding of Jewish law is that only devout Jewish men are allowed to be Torah scribes. Then, they decided to try to turn the idea of dedicating a word or phrase in the Torah from symbolic to concrete.

One thing I like very much is that it’s an article about Torah-writing–specifically, how such projects are funded–and it’s not an article about laydeez per se. Obviously I’m chuffed that Linda is in the Times, but I do like that the focus of the article isn’t about her femaleness; it’s about her scribiness. Thus we move onward.

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That's a very nice article. Coolness!

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Aloha!ubbe! uepmg serhd

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Derek .I have not seen many MJ leaders wear teiillfn in public. Would be interesting to learn about THEIR perspective.As far as FFOZ goes and their materials, I have a real problem with them (as I have a problem with the One Law and similar movements as a whole). It's not a small problem in my opinion. I consider them a pseudo-Jewish organization, not really part of the mainstream JEWISH Messianic movement, led and staffed primarily by Gentiles (nothing wrongs with Gentiles, of course). Personally, I avoid using their materials to teach Jewish believers (although I am sure that they have many good and valid points to share as many other movements and denominations do also). I see them as compelling Gentiles believers to live as Jews (judaizing) under the guise of Torah education, while at the same time seeking to blur or at least de-emphasize the distinctions between Jews and Gentiles. I won't speak for the G-d of Israel, but I can't see Him being happy about this (at least if I read NT correctly).Anyway, looking forward to your book review.Shalom


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