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hatam_soferet ([personal profile] hatam_soferet) wrote2014-12-21 11:32 am


Well. You know how plastic christmas trees, wreaths, cakes, etc, often have white spray-paint (or sugar, in the case of cakes) sneezed over them, to make it look like a dusting of snow?

It actually looks like that for reals here today. #winterincanada. It's very beautiful, and surprisingly difficult to photograph.
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Oh yes. It's one of those things like fine snow in the air glittering that I am used to thinkin was just a convention for representing winter and was utterly charmed to see was real.

I suppose the way light glints through an ice layer on trees after freezing rain is like that too, in that I think that's what lights strung in a Christmas tree are meant to evoke, but I've found that basically impossible to capture in a still photograph.