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hatam_soferet ([personal profile] hatam_soferet) wrote2014-12-02 09:19 am

reflections on refractions

AAARGGH new glasses

things are no longer fuzzy, which is good


things in glasses are closer than they appear to be

quite emphatically

such that my laptop screen is now disturbingly trapezoid

because the top edge is further away than the bottom edge, what with it being a laptop

and the new glasses rather magnify the effect

I put my old glasses back on and observed that with the old glasses it also appeared trapezoid, just less so, so this is probably Something Normal To Get Used To

but yipe

also the floor seems further away than normal

this must be what it's like being tall

it's very disorienting, especially doing stairs.
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[personal profile] taylweaver 2014-12-03 01:08 am (UTC)(link)
I have this problem (well, the floor thing, not the screen thing) every time I switch back to my glasses after wearing my contact lenses for long periods of time. There's definitely an adjustment period.