That was one cultured week, my goodness.

On Monday, I went to a concert at Carnegie Hall - "Jack Gibbons Plays Chopin." Jack Gibbons gave a sort of expanded program-notes on each piece as part of his performance, sharing a bit about the music and about his relationship to it before also sharing his interpretation and performance of it. That was very interesting and splendid. He also played some of his own compositions by way of encore, and I liked them very much too.

I went to this concert with my Mum, incidentally. She came over from England for it. Ain't that something?

On Tuesday, I taught my scribes. This isn't exactly The Arts, but it's Proto-Arts, so it counts as culture.

On Wednesday, I took Mum to the Three Faiths exhibition at the New York Public Library, so that she could kvell over her daughter's sixteen seconds of video fame in the scriptorium exhibit.

On Thursday, I went to see some Yiddish theatre. Folksbiene were doing A Celebration Of I.L.Peretz - interpretations of two of his pieces using dance, music, video, and theatre. It was surprisingly satisfactory.

On Friday, there was, as there always is, the male-voice choir at Breuer's. That's just background culture, but it totally counts. Not many shuls have a choir like that - it's like a little free concert every week just for going to shul.

On Saturday, I went to a chamber music concert at my old shul, Adath Israel of Riverdale. One of its members is one of those world-class violinists who happen to live in New York City, and she's arranged a series of chamber music concerts at the shul two years in a row now. Kind of like the Carnegie Hall concert, only I knew half the audience by name and it was just at shul.

And on Sunday, I was sitting in the park when some people turned up and started taking portfolio photos of a dancer, all pretty in the afternoon sun against the trees.

So that was nice.
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