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( Aug. 4th, 2009 09:31 pm)
Koren siddurKoren siddur
The front of the new Koren siddur* is very pretty. Just the sort of design I like for my own artwork.

Click the thumbnail of the left image to see a bigger version. The right image is where I have highlighted the pretty. Rather indifferently :)

Still, even thought it'd make a lovely border for something, one can't very well plagiarise a prayerbook. I mean, it's a prayerbook. That seems to make it at least one degree worse than ordinary plagiarism.

So imagine my joy when I went again to the Valmadonna Trust exhibition and found this:

Psalterium Hebraeum

It's the title page of a certain Psalterium Hebraeum, printed in Genoa, in 1516 by Pietro Paolo Porro.

I tend to think that when something's that old it's fair game. Koren evidently did!

* The inside is jolly nice as well.
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( Apr. 16th, 2009 11:00 pm)
I'm sort of getting into crochet, and I recall one or two of you periodically saying you have Too Much Yarn. I'm not after anything in particular, just something a bit more tasteful than the lurid acrylic I presently have* - acrylic gives me squickies anyway, texture-wise - I'll work out what I want to make as I go along :) Anyone want to offload yarn, in exchange for Suitable Amounts Of Money Or Cute Stuff I've Made?

* bought red/blue/green for when I was keeping a segregated kosher kitchen. Now it's all dairy, I don't need it. But it's lurid. Especially the green.
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( Apr. 12th, 2009 09:39 pm)
passover barbieI've always enjoyed this sort of thing. Making miniatures, I mean, not Judaising Barbie, that's just a side-effect. These days, now I have a scanner and a super-duper colour printer, it's so easy...back in the days of dot-matrix printers, you had to find little images in magazines and flyers and so on, and there was always a certain sense of glee when you found something you could turn into a miniature. Now, I want to make a box of matzah, I can just scan a box of matzah...

passover barbieAnyway, this is Passover Barbie. She eats Streit's matzah, and not just because it's pink.

To make your own box of Barbie matzah you will need:
Measure, mark, and cut four pieces of corrugated cardboard 30mm*27mm. Tape them together in a bundle. These are your matzot (hahaha, insert matzah/cardboard joke of choice here).

Print and cut out the scanned wrapper. You can see where the folds would be in real life - fold along those. Pre-folding it makes wrapping the cardboard matzah in its wrapper much easier; it is a bit fiddly. Wrap it up; glue the wrapper into place as you go, or you can tape it if you're careful to tape the whole box evenly all over (if you don't, it just looks a bit silly). The 27mm is the vertical dimension, but you probably figured that out already.

I don't want to take commissions for these...I appreciate that not everyone has hands that can do fiddlies, but as fiddlies go it's quite an easy one, so there are lots of people out there who can do it, and chances are you know one of them.

Combination of me being in a Box Painting Phase and being fed up with cardboard boxes of teabags getting crushed in the cupboard: me painting tea boxes, and doing an extra set because why not. Clicky pictures for biggers.

So these are dear little wooden boxes, shiny green/blue/purple on the outside with classy cream accents if I do say it myself. Gloss black on the inside. Each box contains 10 teabags - of course you don't have to use them for teabags, but they're quite cute that way. Black-Tea-And-Mint, Blueberry, and Blackcurrant-Ginseng-And-Vanilla, if you were wondering. Green, blue, and purple, see.

Each box has a window in the lid. Behind the window I wrote the flavour of the tea inside, but you can take that out and replace it with something else if you feel like it, as per picture, or just have the window look right through to the contents of the box.

Charity auction is for the set of three.

Since we're between Purim and Pesach, the charities I'm choosing are Save Darfur, City Harvest, National Coalition for the Homeless, and Free the Slaves. Auction ends Friday March 20th. Winner donates auction amount to one of these (or equivalent, I am quite reasonable) and forwards me the receipt; when I get the receipt from your donation, I send you your boxes.

I've got a few others I'll probably put up in the same way sometime before Pesach, depending how this one goes.

bidding at eBay

Sparkly paint! Look...24 shades of shiny!

Paint that SPARKLES! It sparkles and it is bright colours and it is in dear little pots!

This is going to keep me happy for weeks.
I save up photo editing and do it all in a bunch, which is why these sorts of posts come in clusters. Call me a bad blogger if you like.

You might remember the post about the Nail-Varnish Inspired Peacock Tzedakah Box. I don't much like wearing bright nail varnish (that's nail polish for those who say it that way), but it's shiny and sparkly and hard to resist when you walk past it on your way to the toilet paper and it twinkles invitingly at you. This time it was a bluey-purply one called something like Mysterious Lagoon.

Click images for bigger versions.

I managed to capture the sometimes-blue, sometimes-purple nature of the paint in the photographs, which I'm very pleased about. The colours spoke for themselves, so I made the design just plain black. The inside I did purple, and the top of the lid seemed to want some twinkly stars, so twinkly stars it has (see the big version of the first image). Finally, its base is covered with bright cyan flocked paper, which rather happily picks up the cyan undertone in the blue varnish.

This design is inspired by L'Ornement Polychrome, but I'm also flattering-by-imitating [livejournal.com profile] naamah_darling's work on boxes at Morningstar Hall. And I got some photography ideas from her as well - credit where credit's due, and all that.


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