Very snow.
Much slip.
Many fall.
So headache.

That is to say, it snowed like crazy yesterday--and we'd just had sight of the balcony, for the first time in months, it's buried knee-deep again now--and today, despite the plough having been, the pavements are rather slippery. We didn't realise this until we were halfway to pilates, when I slipped and fell and, since I was holding UD's hand, dragged him down on top of me. He was relatively cushioned. I have a killer headache from bashing my head on ice buildup.

We're going to the vet later. We will be putting the cleats on the boots before going out again. Traction is our friend.
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Re: !

I second this question.

Feel better!

And yes, traction is a rather friendly thing.
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Oy, I'm sorry. Spring will get there eventually, I promise.
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Minneapolis has begun to melt. You're next. And you are always welcome in the Deep South if it just takes too damn long.
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Sorry to hear about your accident, but:

Very snow.
Much slip.
Many fall.
So headache.

...I didn't realise Waan was posting on your behalf now.


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