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( Jan. 26th, 2012 05:48 pm)

Dear everyone,

Thanks for all the emails. No-one else needs to send me the article about Hanna, okay? Yes I know her, yes I’ve seen the article(s), we’re good.

Hanna recently started her first complete sefer Torah; she works in Israel, which makes her braver than me, given how hard it is in Israel for women to do even comparatively ordinary things like riding the bus. Another female Torah scribe of my acquaintance in Israel keeps her head down because she’s afraid that if articles appear about her, she’ll become the target of misogynist hate crimes. So Hanna is being rather courageous, making her project all public. Good for her.

I’ve not met Hanna in person; my student Linda has, when they were working together on the Women’s Torah Project. We’ve corresponded, naturally. It’s great having colleagues.

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This evening I discovered that you can make a plausible silk-painting frame out of bits of dowel you picked up on the street thinking they'd come in handy sometime, and a plastic laundry basket, and some sticky tape. Except that really nails would work better than tape for keeping the thing taut. Maybe a cardboard box of exactly the right size would be better?

I also learned that if you make a frame mid-painting, your first colour of paint dries and looks funny when you try and merge it with the next colour.

Filling big areas is possible if you work fast, but filling big areas, in a circle, around twiddly text, is overly ambitious for a first try.

Knocking over the paint doesn't help.

If you don't have the fabric really taut, the paint flows over the gutta and fills shapes you didn't want it to fill. Also, making solid lines with the gutta is like when you use Fill in a paint program--if you missed even one pixel it messes up.

Squirting the whole lot with water from the Bad Dogs Bottle makes it all look rather interesting. I didn't fancy trying salt this evening, I was already making enough mess, but maybe next time.

Tomorrow I'm going to try judicious application of bleach to the bits where the paint bled through the gutta.

Then I'm going to iron it to fix the colour, and stitch it to a backing. Then you can see a photograph. Then I'm going to modify the design a bit so that there are fewer big areas to fill, and try another one. Come to think of it, some manuscript-illumination influences wouldn't look bad. Hmm...


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